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About Us

The vision behind The Lazy Frog Thai Massage & Spa was to bring all the benefits of Thai massage, but do it a little differently.

A photo of Tassie Atkinson, co-founder of The Lazy Frog

We were founded by Tassie Atkinson, a Thai massage practitioner from Thailand. Tassie had spent many years in the United Kingdom, giving Thai massage services within London before spotting an opportunity to establish a salon in Wokingham, Berkshire.

This was also an opportunity to pursue her vision for doing a combined massage and spa offering that was a little different from the other salons. Here at The Lazy Frog, we retain all the traditional techniques and benefits of Thai massage, but can also combine them with scented oils, body scrubs and more. All in a tasteful and relaxing environment that harmonises Thai and Western cultures.

We are not a big company. Tassie and her partner Jim are just a couple of ordinary people who put their life savings into starting up The Lazy Frog. We hope you will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and authentically Thai experience we offer.

A photo of Tassie with some of our team!

About Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage or "Nuad Thai" (นวดไทย) is an ancient therapy combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and some assisted yoga postures. Nuad Thai dates back to ancient Thai peasant society. Every village had "massage healers" who would help hard-working villagers with their muscle aches from working in the fields. Over time, it has evolved to become part of the art, science and culture of traditional Thai healthcare, and has been recognised by Unesco as part of humanity's cultural heritage.

A photo of therapists performing traditional Thai massage

At The Lazy Frog, you can experience traditional Thai massage techniques. We adapt the massage to suit your needs and to ensure your comfort. We can also combine elements of the traditional massage with aromatic, deep tissue and gentle oil massage to provide a wide range of services. Our therapists are all qualified practitioners and use their techniques to help meet your therapeutic needs.

The Lazy Frog Experience

We use a combination of authentic Thai massage techniques. When you come to The Lazy Frog, you can be sure that your therapist is qualified in Thai massage. Tassie and her team will adapt your massage to suit your requirements, so please feel free to talk to your therapist about what you want.

Certificate in Thai Warrior massage
Certificate in Thai Traditional massage
Certificate in Thai massage, written in Thai language
Certificate in pregnancy massageVTCT certificate in Thai Massage