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Gift Cards

Want to give someone The Lazy Frog experience? Well, you can - with one of our gift cards! We offer gift cards in two formats...

Physical Gift Cards

We can provide physical gift cards, which are about the size of a postcard and decorated with gold foil. Our gift cards should fit inside most greetings cards that are larger than a postcard in size. Use the button below to order, and you can collect it from our salon. If you want it posted to you, email us the order number and postal address after purchasing.

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Electronic Gift Cards

You can send someone an e-gift card, which you pre-load with a balance. Your chosen recipient then receives an email containing a 16-digit e-gift card code. Note: they must give us this code to redeem their e-gift card. Just showing us the order receipt email is NOT sufficient.

Note: the above buttons will take you to a purchase & checkout page hosted by Square, our payment processor.

Lost gift cards

Please keep your physical gift card or e-gift card voucher number safe! You need these as proof that you have the gift card. We can only honour a gift card if you can produce it. Electronic gift cards are emailed to the recipient. We've sold hundreds of these without any issues. However, if it hasn't been received, check the spam or junk folder as this is usually where it went. If you still cannot find it, contact us before booking an appointment.

E-gift cards work like other online vouchers (e.g. Amazon) with a unique number. You must give use the unique 16 digit e-gift card number in order to redeem its value! We cannot redeem an e-gift card just from a copy of the purchase receipt.

If you have lost your gift card, we may be able to find the original transaction and email the receipt to you. To do this, we will need the date of purchase and the last 4 digits of the credit/debit card used. This will help us track it down in our transaction record. If we can find the receipt, then we may be able to use it to redeem your gift card against a session. However, tracking this down is not something we can do while you're waiting at the front desk. Instead, you will have to pay the full amount and use the card another time. Therefore, if you have lost your gift card, contact us before making a booking and trying to use it.

Showing us a bank statement transaction is not sufficient. Even if it it shows an amount spent at The Lazy Frog, it won't specify what that sum was spent on (a gift card, a massage, a pre-payment for another session and so on).

It is your responsibility to keep your gift card safe. We accept no liability for lost, misplaced or stolen gift cards and vouchers.