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Help & FAQ

How do I make an appointment?


You can use our online appointment booking system to make an appointment. For appointments today, you can also call us on 0118 374 3693. If you want to make an appointment for a later date, either use the booking system (recommended), call or email us at

If you wish to take advantage of one of our special offers, please make sure you mention the offer when you make your booking.

Can I pay for my appointment in advance?


Yes, once you have made a booking, you can pay in advance online. This is useful if you've booked a session as a gift for someone and don't want them to have to pay for it.

When pre-paying online, make sure you use the same duration and email address that corresponds to your booking. Otherwise, we won't know which appointment the payment is for. If you have any problems with advance payments, please call or email us at

What days & times are you open?


We're open from 10am to 8pm every day. Note that Wednesdays may also be used for community and charity appointments. You can use our online appointment booking system to view our availability and make an appointment. Feel free to call or message us if you need booking assistance.

Where can I park my car?


We are located about halfway down Denmark Street in Wokingham, please see the map right at the bottom of this page (in the footer). There is no on-street parking, but Denmark Street car park is just on the opposite side of the road from us, where you can park for two hours for £2.50.

Will I need to provide my medical history?


We don't ask for a full medical history. There is a short questionnaire about any relevant medical conditions for first-time guests. This ensures your comfort and safety, and we can tailor your treatment to suit your situation.

All of your personal data is protected under our privacy policy.

Can I get a massage if I have a skin condition or allergy?


Yes, but if you want a treatment that involves oil, body scrubs, balms, etc., you will need to provide a medical certificate which states that you can undergo treatment. Please discuss your situation with us, and we can advise you on the ingredients used in our products.

A traditional Thai massage is done dry, without any oils or other products applied to the skin. We recommend this form of massage for skin conditions such as eczema. If in doubt, we suggest you stick with this form of massage. Better safe than sorry!

Note: we may refuse treatment if you have any sites of active bleeding. We do not wear gloves and so we cannot carry out a massage if you have any broken skin with evidence of current or very recent bleeding.

Can I get a massage if I am pregnant?


Yes, provided your pregnancy is past the first trimester (i.e. you are at least 13 weeks' pregnant). Our pregnancy massage avoids applying any pressure to your abdomen and instead focuses on your back and legs. Read more about what is involved on our pregnancy massage page.

How should I prepare for my massage?


You don't need to do anything special. We recommend you avoid having a large meal or alcohol within the 4 hours before your massage, to avoid any discomfort or embarrassing noises & odours. A light meal and a glass of wine or beer should be no problem. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who appears intoxicated.

What should I wear for my massage?


There's no specific dress code, but we recommend wearing comfortable clothes. You only need to undress to the point you are comfortable with. Usually, this would be bra off (if applicable) and down to your underwear, but you'll be covered with a towel from upper thigh to waist anyway. We do not do naked massages - underwear is kept on!

For our traditional Thai massage, you will be provided with loose clothing to wear, probably a baggy t-shirt and shorts. That's because this massage is done dry, without any oil. Most of our other massages involve the application of either unscented or aromatic oil. If you're worried about any oil getting on your underwear, we can provide you with a disposable pair.

Do I have to undress in front of my therapist?


No. You will be shown to your own private massage room and you will have privacy while you undress. Your massage therapist will give a gentle knock on the door to ensure you're ready before entering.

Can I shower before or after my massage?


For most of our treatments, a shower isn't necessary. You will be given a hot towel, which you can use to freshen up before a massage and we'll use it to wipe down your feet. If oil has been applied during your massage, we'll also give you a wipe down afterwards with a fresh hot towel. It's possible for some oil residue to remain but you shouldn't need to shower.

If you're coming directly from a dusty or dirty work environment, you may feel more comfortable having a shower before visiting us.

Will I feel sore after my massage?


You shouldn't feel sore after a gentle massage, like our Aromatic Thai massage. However, it's very normal to feel some muscle soreness after a firmer massage, possibly even into the following day if you haven't had one regularly. The manipulation of tissue and muscle fibres, especially in a deep tissue massage, is intended to coax tight, knotted muscles into easing and realigning. This can result in a deep "burning" soreness due the increased blood flow and inflammation within the treated areas, similar to the muscle burn you might get after a very intense workout. It should resolve within a day or so.

It is very important that you tell us about any muscle injuries or spasms you are experiencing before the massage begins. Asking for a strong or deep tissue massage to an injured muscle that you've mistaken for "just a bit of tension" could make things worse. Nobody wants a "pop - ouch!" moment. We always recommend starting out with a moderate level of pressure and then increasing the intensity only if required. The idea is to work through layers of tension, not push through them. An injured muscle in pain will cramp/spasm to protect itself.

You should not normally experience any bruising, but it can happen if you are prone to bruising or if you've asked for a strong massage. Again, we recommend starting out with a medium pressure first, and always follow your therapist's advice.

Can I leave a tip for my therapist?


Yes, if you enjoyed your massage, you are welcome to leave a tip for your massage therapist. We will ensure they get 100% of your tip, even if you pay by card. Note that you are not obliged to leave a tip, and we don't add any "service charge" to your bill.

What is your cancellation policy?


Please give us at least two hours' notice if you cannot attend your appointment.

If you have pre-paid for your session, we require at least two hours' notice of a cancellation in order to receive a 100% refund on any pre-paid session fee. Cancellations with less than two hours' notice will result in only 50% of the session fee being refunded.

Of course, we understand that emergencies happen, and we will always try to be reasonable. However, we reserve the right to ask for a deposit or pre-payment if you have a tendency to cancel or fail to arrive for appointments.

Do you have gift vouchers?


Yes! You can buy physical or electronic gift cards on our website. With the electronic gift cards, you load a balance onto it and provide the email address of the recipient. They then receive an email with a 13 digit voucher code that they can use in part or full payment towards a session at The Lazy Frog.

The physical gift cards can be ordered online and picked up from our front desk at the salon, or you can email us the order details and your address, and we can post it to you. You can also buy gift cards directly from the front desk as well.

What if I have lost my gift voucher?


Please keep your physical gift card or e-gift card voucher number safe! You need these as proof that you have the gift card. We can only honour a gift card if you can produce it.

If you have lost your gift card, we may be able to find the original transaction and email the receipt to you. To do this, we will need the date of purchase and the last 4 digits of the credit/debit card used. This will help us track it down in our transaction record. If we can find the receipt, then we may be able to use that to validate your gift card against a session.

Showing us a bank statement transaction is not sufficient. Even if it it shows an amount spent at The Lazy Frog, it won't specify what that sum was spent on (was it a gift card, a massage, a pre-payment for another session, etc?)

It is your responsibility to keep your gift card or voucher safe. We will not accept any liability for lost, stolen or forgotten gift cards and vouchers.

Do you offer adult services or 'happy endings'?


No, so please don't embarrass yourself by asking. Our services at The Lazy Frog are entirely therapeutic with absolutely no sexual or intimate activity. We will not tolerate any sexual requests, harassment or inappropriate behaviour (verbal or physical) towards our staff, and anyone doing so will be asked to leave.

For more information, feel free to read our article on this topic.

Still have questions? Get in touch with us.