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Pregnancy Massage

A pregnant woman receiving massage

This is our special massage for expectant mothers. During pregnancy, significant physiological changes can cause a mother-to-be to experience discomfort and exhaustion, especially in the later stages after carrying a baby around inside you for months.

Tension in the back, neck and shoulders is common, as well as swelling in the limbs, especially the feet and legs. Preparing for motherhood is truly life changing and we want to help provide a little relief from the physical demands on your body.

Body positioning is a little different with a pregnancy massage. The best position is lying on your side, often with a bolster pillow and perhaps some other pillows to provide extra comfort and support. However, some mothers-to-be prefer to be massaged in a sitting position and we can certainly do that too.

For the safety of you and your unborn baby, you must be beyond your first trimester (at least 13 weeks' pregnant) to receive this massage.

We use a little unscented oil on your back to enhance your massage experience. At the end of your massage, your therapist will use a hot towel to wipe you down and remove any excess oil.

This massage is a full body massage and we recommend allowing at least 60 minutes. However, a shorter 45 minute session is possible.

Session Price

  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes
  • 120 minutes
  • £59
  • £85
  • £110

We will donate £2 from your pregnancy massage to the For Life Thailand charity. See our community page for more information.