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Foot Massage

A lady getting Thai foot massage

People with a busy life style who are always on the go will love our foot massages! They are perfect for relieving tired, aching or swollen feet.

Our foot massage focuses on both the feet and calves. Our technique uses a combination of fingers, a Thai wooden massage stick and herbal balms. We apply acupressure to all the traditional reflexology points in the feet and lower legs that run along the “sen” energy lines (also known as "meridian lines").

Treat yourself to a little "me" time, put your feet up and let us massage away the tension and stress. We cannot promise a miracle cure, but we can promise a wonderfully relaxing experience.

We offer a 30 minute session for busy feet that need to get moving again!

Note: if you are pressed for time and want a short session, this massage is also available in our reclining chair for a slight discount. Check out our Chair Massage service.

Session Price

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • £35
  • £49
  • £59